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A few folks have asked if I planned to blog about the Obama Waffles fiasco. I really don’t want to, though I suppose this post will, in effect, constitute me “blogging about it.” Here’s the official website from the folks who are pushing this “satire.” And here’s what Christianity Today.com said about it. And my friend Gina Dalfonzo over at The Point says this (though I wasn’t aware that she and I had been having so many disagreements about the election).  😉

As for me, I’m feeling too weary and cynical to offer anything useful about this. I guess I’m experiencing a relapse of the “Reconciliation Blues.”

In an email, a friend of mine recently confessed that when his faith is weak, he is vulnerable to becoming severely depressed and feeling hopeless about the race issue in America—and in the church. I knew exactly what he meant. My faith has been feeling that weakness lately. Sometimes it seems as though any progress we’ve made on the racial healing front has been forgotten. Cultural ignorance and fear, as well as divisive maneuvering for the sake of political gain, remind me that racism is alive and well.

Sometimes, I too confess, my heart echoes the cry of that desperate father pleading to Jesus: “Lord, I do believe! But help my unbelief” (Mark 9:24).


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