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I’ll admit that I’m a bit slow in understanding all the details of the current Israeli-Gaza conflict that’s tearing apart the Middle East and causing the deaths of countless innocent men, women, and children. I know the bloody history and understand that Israel must defend itself. And what’s more, as an American evangelical, I know the expected response is for us to automatically side with Israel. But, as always, there’s more than one side to the story. And in this case, people who have nothing to do with the central conflict have become the primary victims of the violence. So, as Christians, how are we to think about this thing?

I’m serious about that last question. I’d really like to hear from you regarding your thoughts on this issue. If there are articles, books, blog posts, etc. that have been particularly helpful to you in sorting out this issue, please share your recommendations here. I, for one, need to brush up on the history and its relationship to the present crisis. For instance, I found the perspective in this op-ed from Wednesday’s New York Times to be very informative.

For you strong supporters of Israel out there, please don’t take this post the wrong way. I’m not anti-Israel; I’m genuinely trying to make sense of this thing. So, I look forward to your suggestions for resources.

In many ways, I feel like Glenn Loury in this Bloggingheads.tv clip—shocked, saddened, exasperated. I know how I feel, but how should I be thinking? And, more important, how exactly should we be praying for peace in this situation?


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