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UrbanFaith.com posted a short article about the “Huxtable Effect.” This is the notion that the middle-class African American family portrayed in Bill Cosby’s famous ’80s sitcom, The Cosby Show, had an impact on the way Americans voted in last month’s presidential election. The theory is that the show helped normalized black people in the minds of white citizens to the point that they felt comfortable voting for an African American candidate. In other words, Cosby was Obama’s Jackie Robinson.

Or perhaps it’s not baseball or sitcoms but, rather, golf that helped lay the groundwork for Obama’s victory. Some commentators have suggested that it was actually Tiger Woods who paved the way for Obama’s breakthrough.

What do you think? If you have an opinion, please head over to UrbanFaith and leave a comment. And, of course, you’re welcome to chime in below as well.


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