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On the night before Election Day, I’m thankful for the privilege of living here in the United States. Whether we exercise our right to vote on Nov. 4 or our right not to, I hope we’ll all be mindful of the incredible freedoms we have in this country. Election Day in America is always a good time to remember, even as we look ahead.

As I reflect on this historic election year (and the plethora of blog posts that it begat), my friend Doug LeBlanc’s humble yet powerful guidelines for prayer stick in my head and heart. I hope you were as challenged and inspired by his insights as I was.

In addition to Doug’s post, there are at least three other pieces of media that are at the front of my thoughts as I prepare to vote tomorrow. Amid the busyness of your day, I hope you’ll have a moment to check them out, too.

  • Why I Vote. When we head to the polls, we bring much more than a registration card and a sense of civic duty. We bring the experiences we’ve developed throughout our lives. Three poignant examples. (NPR)
  • Obama and the Audacity of Reconciliation. Columnist Leonard Pitts on why unity and hope must conquer division and hate. (The Miami Herald)
  • An Election Day Epistle. One pastor’s heartfelt plea to his congregation before Nov. 4th. (UrbanFaith.com)  

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