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I didn’t want this to become Barack Obama week here at the blog, but it seems like much of the best thinking on issues of racial reconciliation in society are related to things happening in and around the Obama campaign. Which, I suppose, should not be that surprising.

Briefly, I wanted to call your attention to Rev. Eric Redmond’s thoughtful and thought-provoking piece over at his A Man from Issachar blog. In the post, he responds to a question that was brought to him by an aquaintance at the recent Hampton University Ministers’ Conference: “How can any Christian African American vote for Obama, given his views on abortion and same-sex marriage?” Eric’s reasoned response offers several points worth pondering.

And while I’m still riding the Obama wave, allow me to belatedly call your attention to a piece that my colleague LaTonya Taylor forwarded to me earlier this week, a Washington Times article that asks the question, “Who decided to call Obama black?” Given his mixed-race heritage, why is it taken for granted that Obama is a black man? And what does our labeling of him as a black man say about racial politics and identity in America? Also worth a read.


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