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Today, June 12, is celebrated by many interracial couples and families as “Loving Day.” I must confess I was not aware of this special day until I read reports last month about Mildred Loving’s death.

On this day in 1967, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the laws banning interracial marriage. (Think about that—1967!) Richard and Mildred Loving were the interracial couple whose “illegal” marriage brought the case before the court. The Washington Post features a thought-provoking story on the subject, along with reprints of its editorials from the sixties decrying anti-interracial marriage laws. 

Also read or listen to an interesting NPR commentary by John Ridley and an in-depth report from Voice of America. Finally, this April article from the Burnside Writers Collective asks us to consider interracial and cross-cultural marriage as a model of Christian reconciliation. 


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