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Last weekend, I had the honor and privilege of speaking at a Saturday-morning workshop for Breakthrough Urban Ministries of Chicago. The group was very gracious to this fledgling public speaker, and I had a wonderful time interacting with brothers and sisters who are passionate about racial reconciliation and incarnational ministry. So many of us are at a place where we’re wondering, Where do we go from here? or How can I keep going when it’s the same stuff over and over? or Is this racial diversity thing really worth all the grief? We didn’t come up with any definitive answers, but it was encouraging to hear folks express their hearts and to know that others are sharing the journey. I also was blessed to spend some time with Arloa Sutter, Breakthrough’s founder and executive director. Please pray for the important work she and her ministry are doing in Chicago’s East Garfield Park neighborhood.

In the March/April issue of Today’s Christian, the magazine I edit, we published a Holy Week meditation titled “The Spilled Blood.” I share it here with you in remembrance of our Savior’s sacrifice as we celebrate his death and resurrection. Perhaps Christ’s example best answers some of those questions we’re grappling with. Is it really worth all the grief? Because of what happened on the Cross, yes … yes it is. 

May God bless you and your family on this holy weekend. 

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